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Narrator Peter Berkrot has a meta connection to this story of how the classic comedy CADDYSHACK came to be. A young Berkrot is in the movie, most memorably on the business end of a pitchfork during Bill Murray's iconic dalai lama speech: "Do you know what the Lama says? Gunga galunga . . . gunga, gunga-lagunga." This isn't Berkrot's memoir, though, and he narrates from a journalistic point of view, even as he's quoted on the page. The narrative is much broader, beginning in the mid-1960s and tracking how the rise of NATIONAL LAMPOON magazine forever changed the comedy landscape. Berkrot's tone is predominantly restrained and professional, but there are dashes of whimsy. Occasional impressions, especially of Murray and the indelible Rodney Dangerfield, are a fun bonus. A.T.N. © AudioFile 2018, Portland, Maine [Published: MAY 2018]

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BookBuzz w/Susannah Greenberg - Listen  HERE

BookBuzz w/Susannah Greenberg - Listen HERE


“Peter Berkrot’s excellent storytelling voice subtly reminds listeners that a narrator doesn't need to lard a piece with gimmicky accents to grip the mind's eye. He narrates with an immediacy and urgency that make this hard to stop listening to.”

REVOLVER by Marcus Sedgwick


“Peter Berkrot’s narration is as ingenious as the story itself. His best voice is reserved for Toby’s father, a geeky professor, but he also growls and snarls his way through several evildoers and oppressors. Berkrot’s narration is a model for anyone reading a compelling story to kids at bedtime.”

TOBY ALONE by Timotee de Fombelle

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“Peter Berkrot delivers a professional, academic-sounding narration that provides enhanced credence to the well-written and well-researched text. His authoritative style is especially valuable, given the number of skeptics who line up against von Daniken’s theories. Berkrot’s mellow intonation and impeccable timing deliver all the excitement and mystery that have captivated the author’s readers over the years.”

SIGNS OF THE GODS by Erich Von Daniken


“Narrator Peter Berkrot opens the creaking door and invites listeners inside with a gentle, unassuming voice. Ignore that dark thing you saw out of the corner of your eye—it’s just a trick of the light. Berkrot performs with skill and assurance as strange voices, eerie sights, and inexplicable things take over the posh mansion.”

77 SHADOW STREET by Dean Koontz


“Berkrot delivers accents from both sides of the conflict with a gifted actor’s confidence. He increases the tempo of his delivery to match the urgent pace of preparation for the three-day battle—which ultimately decided the war. Peters’s attention to detail, aided by Berkrot’s careful delivery, creates in the imagination of the listener all the glory, the greatness, and the tragedy of Gettysburg.”



“Berkrot’s narration is clear, well paced, and as easy to follow as this primer on Buddhist meditation and thoughtful presence. His simple yet compelling style of delivery goes a long way to complement the message of the book.”